Nataniël maak tydens hierdie jaar se Silwerskermfees sy heel eerste verskyning in 'n kort film.

ALMON, HENRY is die verhaal van 'n student wat sy ouers se huis oppas tydens 'n vakansie. Hy word bewus van 'n eksentrieke figuur in die woud langs die huis. Uiteindelik vind 'n ontmoeting plaas. Die hoofrolle word vertolk deur Nataniël en Armand Aucamp.

Draaiboek: Nataniël
Regie: Janhendrik Burger

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The New Stage Production!

After the huge success of last year’s FACTORY production, Nataniël and company return to the THEATRE OF MARCELLUS with a brand new creation, RAINBOW AT MIDNIGHT.

In 1965 one of the descendants of what was secretly called THE VICTIMS OF THE RAINBOW discovers a diary that tells the tale of what happened one night in 1880 when a group of visitors to the RAINBOW TRAVELING FAIR had a supernatural experience that would change their lives and the lives of their children forever.

The story is told - in true Nataniël-style - with original music, stories (in both English and Afrikaans) and breathtaking designs that jump from the present to the past.

Since Nataniël has combined strength with singers CORLEA, LINDIWE BUNGANE, NICOLAAS SWART, acrobat BRAD DREYER and resident band CHARL DU PLESSIS (keyboards), JUAN OOSTHUIZEN (guitars), WERNER SPIES (bass), HUGO RADYN (drums) and TONIA SELLEY (percussion and vocals), the company has turned - in true Victorian style - into a performing troupe, creating two more stage productions plus a brand new cd, MOODSWING. Nataniël describes this past year as “one of the best creative periods in my life, with one of te strongest companies. These performers complete my vision, I would not change a thing! RAINBOW AT MIDNIGHT is technically the most advanced project of my career and I am attempting it with the best artists I know.”

Costumes are designed by Floris Louw.

RAINBOW AT MIDNIGHT opens at Emperors Palace on Thursday 21 August.

No children under 15, no shorts, no sandals, no cellphones!

Book at Computicket.




Nataniël’s first LIVE ALBUM in 18 years!

18 years after his first concert album, THE COVER CONCERT, singer / songwriter / stage artist Nataniël has just released a second LIVE album. MOODSWING was recorded on stage at the Atterbury Theatre in October 2013.

This is a collection of swing, blues and triplet anthems including evergreen classics as well as original songs by Nataniël.

The album features vocal performances by guest singers Corlea, Lindiwe Bungane and Nicolaas Swart. They shared the stage with Charl du Plessis (piano), Juan Oosthuizen (guitars), Werner Spies (bass) and Hugo Radyn (drums).

The live tracks were recorded on stage, then mixed and mastered by Fuzz at Odyssey Records.

MOODSWING also features 4 studio tracks produced by Marius Brouwer at Pop Planet, (CARRY YOU), Juan Oosthuizen at The Spacebar (LITTLE CHINA) and Matthys Maree at Odyssey Records (2 Afrikaans songs - SY’S AL WAT ONS HET en LIED VAN JONG SUID-AFRIKA - Nataniël’s first Afrikaans recordings in 14 years.)

The album concludes with two bonus tracks, two Afrikaans stories by Nataniël.

Released by Nataniël House of Music.

Distributed by Next Music.

Available digitally at:

Hard copies online:,30568534

Available at these selected stores:

Music Mood
Music Mix
Super CD
Music Ekhaya (airports)
Maison de Fleur (Merci – Parys)
Kaalkop Studio (Menlo Park)
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This acclaimed stage production by Nataniël was filmed during a sold-out run in February and March 2013 at Emperors Palace.

Nataniël shares the stage with Lindiwe Bungane (vocals), Corlea (vocals), Nicolaas Swart (vocals), Tonia Selley (vocals & percussion), Charl du Plessis (keyboards), Juan Oosthuizen (guitar), Werner Spies (bass), Hugo Radyn (drums) and acrobat Brad Dreyer. Costumes are designed by Floris Louw.

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Borg ’n woord


This website is my only activity on the internet. I do not blog, facebook or twitter, I do not have the time or the interest.

It is therefore with great sadness and shock that I became aware of the thousands and thousands of emails being circulated, all containing "stories" attributed to me. These stories are vile, tacky and BADLY WRITTEN. I am proud of my own writings and have published each and every piece in one of my books.

I hereby, categorically, once and for all, state the following:

• I have not written a story called SPINNEKOP.

• I have not written a piece called LEWENSLESSE.

• I have not written a story about GOING TO THE GYM.

• I have not written pieces about ETIQUETTE or WHAT TO WEAR or SARCASM.

• I have not written a piece called Matriekafskeid

To anybody who has ever forwarded one of these to his or her address book, the following: Get a life. Save the planet, save the children, save the animals, save the forests, save your breath, save your soul, lose weight, buy a good book, go to church or try a new recipe. Life is too short to be wasted.

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