NATANIËL se Nuwe Kookboek!

Met DIE HUIS VAN RYE nooi Nataniël, verhoogkunstenaar en koskenner, ons uit om by hom te kom eet. Hy deel sy resepte vir ’n string uiteenlopende en buitengewone geregte soos chorisobrood, biltong-en-aarbeislaai en Frans-Italiaans-Meksikaans-Pretoria-panbredie. Met meer as 150 disse, wat alles van handhappies en ontbyt tot heerlike gebak en nageregte insluit, is daar iets vir almal. Die resepte is maklik en kort, dog interessant en indrukwekkend genoeg om aan gaste voor te sit.

Die besonderse ontwerp is in Nataniël se unieke styl, en weerspieël sy passie vir simmetrie, skoonheid – en, ja, rye... Gewis Nataniël se beste kookboek nóg en ’n pragboek vol verrassings.

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The new stage show by Nataniël

Nataniël brings his latest songs and writings (in both English and in Afrikaans) to the stage with an evening of fantasy, comedy, accoustic original accoustic music and great story-telling, all set inside a gripping tale and a restless garden. This is Nataniël for the connoisseur, a show filled with magic, mystery, horror, hope, intrigue and inspiration. And a breathtaking wardrobe!

Nataniël shares the stage with Charl du Plessis (piano), Werner Spies (bass) and Hugo Radyn (drums).

Costumes by Floris Louw

No Interval
No children under 15
No cellphones

Books, DVDs, CDs and products from Nataniël's Kaalkop lifestyle range will be at available at all performances.

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Singer, songwriter, author and entertainer Nataniël brings his latest stage creation,
AFTER ANIMALS, to the Theatre Of Marcellus at Emperors Palace from
Thursday 20 August 2015.

Inspired by his travels and love for both classic and contemporary art, this show was conceived after an incident in an art gallery in Europe when Nataniël met an artist who had created an exquisite paper model of a white, empty zoo. The artist handed viewers pens and asked them to write on the base of the model. They had to write the names or descriptions of anyone or anything they thought should live in the zoo. Nataniël wrote, The Beasts That Try To Rule Us, The Demons That Haunt Us, The Monsters We May Become. Within days the idea for this new show had taken shape.

Taking place in the not-so-distant future, the story begins on the night when, during a secret ceremony, the last animal on earth gets slaughtered and eaten. The already fragile world immediately starts changing, from the forests to the cities, from the homes of families to the hearts of the most powerful individuals. This forms the backdrop for Nataniël’s latest stories (in both English and in Afrikaans) and songs. Dark, dramatic, fantastical, funny and surprising, AFTER ANIMALS is a theatrical event not to be missed!

The all-male cast includes Nicolaas Swart (vocals), newcomer Francois Joubert (vocals), Martin van Heerden (dancer), Bradley Dreyer (acrobat), Charl du Plessis (keyboards), Juan Oosthuizen (guitar), Werner Spies (bass) and Hugo Radyn (drums).

A highly original and ambitious wardrobe, inspired by sculpture and origami, is being created by multi-award winner, Floris Louw.

The staging is designed by Nataniël with sets and props created by Nadine Minnaar and Stephan Kruger. Lighting is by Nataniël and Kevin Stannet.

20 August to 27 September
Theatre Of Marcellus, Emperors Palace
Wednesdays to Saturdays at 20:30
Sundays at 15:00

No interval
No children under 15
No cellular phones


Books, CDs, DVDs and products from Nataniël’s KAALKOP range will be available at the theatre.



THE NATANIËL COLLECTION is 'n versameling van elegante, bekostigbare, hoë-kwaliteit noodsaaklikhede vir die kombuis. Van borde, bakke, glase, tafeldoeke, servette, snyborde, potte en panne tot olies, asyn, gegeurde sout, peper, konfyte, marmelade, heuning, ingelegde vye en vanielje.

THE NATANIëL COLLECTION consists of a range of elegant, affordable, supreme quality neccessities for the kitchen. From plates, bowls, crystal glasses, tablecloths, serviettes, cutting boards, pots and pans to oils, vinegar, salt & pepper grinders, jams, marmalade, honey, preserved figs and juicy vanilla pods.

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This website is my only activity on the internet. I do not blog, facebook or twitter, I do not have the time or the interest.

It is therefore with great sadness and shock that I became aware of the thousands and thousands of emails being circulated, all containing "stories" attributed to me. These stories are vile, tacky and BADLY WRITTEN. I am proud of my own writings and have published each and every piece in one of my books.

I hereby, categorically, once and for all, state the following:

• I have not written a story called SPINNEKOP.

• I have not written a piece called LEWENSLESSE.

• I have not written a story about GOING TO THE GYM.

• I have not written pieces about ETIQUETTE or WHAT TO WEAR or SARCASM.

• I have not written a piece called Matriekafskeid

To anybody who has ever forwarded one of these to his or her address book, the following: Get a life. Save the planet, save the children, save the animals, save the forests, save your breath, save your soul, lose weight, buy a good book, go to church or try a new recipe. Life is too short to be wasted.


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